Mini Crypto Currencies If you are interested in the growing world of cryptocurrencies. Probably wonder what cryptocurrency mining is. how to mine cryptocurrencies, and even if you can mine cryptocurrencies from your computer.

Although today there are various methods and cryptocurrencies to mine, and there are many opinions about the various risks and benefits of this activity, it is first necessary to understand how these digital assets operate; thanks to blockchain technology (chain of blocks), the stone cornerstone of the entire crypto sector.

Then many begin to ask themselves more complex questions, and some even dare to find out how to create cryptocurrencies and manage to do so in due time.

How Mini Crypto Currencies Works

To fully understand cryptocurrency mining, it is essential to start learning.

When making a transaction in cryptocurrencies, it is stored in a computer file that will contain the following data:

  • The addresses of the origin and destination of the operation,
  • The number of cryptocurrencies to be exchanged,
  • An identifier for the transaction

This Allows Digital Information To Be Distribute Without Being Copied Anywhere And Maintains A High Level Of Security.

For the transaction to be carry out, it must be sign by the sender with his private key. Cryptography comes into play in this process to guarantee the security and privacy of the operation. By encrypting the data, they are store in a block that creates an indelible record of the transactions carried out but not those who carried them out when added to the chain.

For example, suppose a person wants to transfer 20 cryptocurrencies to another. When they are registered in the blockchain, their transaction will be reflected in the registry for everyone to consult. However, it will only show that user A transferred 20 cryptos to user B. Allowing both parties to preserve their identity.

In a blockchain network, for a transaction to be validate, it must be recorded in the block. So a complex mathematical problem must be solve to find the hash. A fixe-length hexadecimal value similar to this:

To Achieve This. A Crucial Computational Processing Capacity Must Be Provide.

Where the figure of the miner appears, because the chain will validate the provided hash if it is equal to or similar to the one encrypts in the block, the miner will try to guess or mine the hash. Providing as many answers as possible. The computers that constitute the network nodes will compete to solve the said problem. With several of them giving the most approximate solution, which will confirm the transactions. For their efforts, miners are reward in two ways: A commission that will vary according to the traffic or number of transactions compiled in the block.

  • The second and more appreciated is to receive a certain number of cryptocurrencies, which can already enter circulation.

But getting the hash is not enough to reap the benefits. It would help if you were the first among all the miners to find it. A system called Proof-of-Work or proof of work. Which grants all the benefits to the first to get the hash, while the others who get it will only act as registration confirmation.

How To Mini Crypto Currencies ?

Once you understand cryptocurrency mining and know the details behind each transaction, you can start preparing to do it yourself.

Regardless of which of the more than 8,400 cryptocurrencies (to date) is being transact. Obtaining the hash is the priority of every miner. Which is why they seek to get the highest possible rate of processing speed, the hash rate, which is represent as hash/sec.

Initially, it was possible to mine with the capacity of a conventional CPU. Still, as the difficulty of mining cryptocurrencies and the participation of miners increases. Graphics cards with a more significant number of cores and therefore more excellent processing were chosen. . This was the standard for a while until the arrival of ASICs, the first mining equipment exclusively designer for this purpose, which made graphics cards practically obsolete.

Maintaining speeds like this comes with higher energy costs, which can add up quickly if the crypto price isn’t high enough to justify the effort.

The Paradox Of Valuable Crypto Currencies

As a cryptocurrency gains acceptance in the market and its value increases, it will become more attractive (see the Bitcoin price ). So we will see a more significant number of miners competing in the processing or mining of their blocks. To ensure that cryptocurrencies cannot be thoroughly mine immediately. The cryptocurrency algorithm itself regulates itself by increasing mining complexity as usage increases.

In the case of Bitcoin. The blockchain is design so that the creation period of each block is approximately 10 minutes. So it readjusts the mining difficulty every 2016 block. Progressively increasing every two weeks or every 2016 block. Depending on whichever happens first. Likewise. Every 210,000 blocks or four years, a phenomenon called halving or division occurs. In which the miners’ reward is reduce by half.

Continuing with the example of Bitcoin, when it first emerged in 2009, the reward for the miner was 50 BTC per block. After 12 years or three helving’s, they are now estimate to be 6.25 BTC until the next halving in 2025. Once the last of the 21 million bitcoins are release. Fees will be the only reward for mining the blocks, although, for this, it would be necessary to wait a long time since it is estimate that it will occur in 2140.

Solo Mining Vs. Pool Mining Mini Crypto Currencies

Although it is possible to mine on your own, the complexity of mining the blocks has made success rates extremely low in the most sought-after cryptocurrencies. So a reasonable hash rate is require to tip the balance a little more in our Favor. That said. It should be know that there several ways to mine cryptocurrencies.

Although any equipment that accepts cryptocurrency mining software can operate as a miner, the processing capacity of laptops and mobile phones is very low compare to more dedicated ones. Being connect to a continuous source of energy is harmful to its batteries. So its use is not recommend. Likewise, its use is practically restrict to other activities not to lose resources.

A mid-range gaming computer could do the mining job. However, it is not recommend to combine both functions simultaneously. This leaves us with ASIC equipment, much more powerful but with a higher investment.

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