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Digital Life Hacks is an arena for netizens. We post about tools, hacks, tips, and gadgets to make life worthwhile in today’s intelligent and connected world. Generally, the pandemic has prompted everyone to lead a more digital lifestyle.

We wish to hear from you if you have an idea to challenge our readers and advance our industry. Indeed, we are always looking for new authors. But you don’t have to wait for an idea that will provide technology. Instead, it’s just trying to give readers a fresh perspective on a subject that keeps you up at night.

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At, we aim to provide our readers with the best information possible. If you have the confidence to reach the highest level and contribute quality articles, you can always contact us at

The Digital Life Hackers – Technology Write For Us is one of the most visited online platforms by viewers. You can write to us for any latest updates to Crypto Currencies, Entertainment, Marketing, Software, and other related and technology-based information.

Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currencies

Cryptocurrencies, also known as digital currencies or computer-generated currencies, are decentralized digital currencies that use encryption methods to regulate the generation of currency units and confirm the transmission of assets. Unlike traditional currencies governments or central banks control, cryptocurrencies operate on a decentralized network powered by blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity as a form of investment and payment, although their value can be highly volatile due to their decentralized nature and lack of regulation. They can be credited and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges, and some businesses accept them as payment for goods and services. However, their use is still limited compared to traditional currencies.



Entertainment refers to any activity or experience that provides amusement, enjoyment, or pleasure to individuals or groups. It includes many activities, including but not limited to movies, music, sports, video games, theater, dance, comedy, and art.

  • Movies – Movies are a popular form of entertainment that involves projecting moving images on a screen to tell stories, convey messages or evoke emotions.
  • Music – Music refers to the art of creating, performing, and enjoying sound and rhythm, and it can enjoy through live performances, recordings, and streaming services.
  • Sports – Sports include physical activities that require skill and are competitive in nature, such as football, basketball, tennis, and golf.
  • Video Games – Video games are interactive electronic games that can play on various platforms, including consoles, computers, and mobile devices.
  • Theatre – Theater refers to the live performance of plays, musicals, and other forms of drama
  • Dance – while dance involves the movement of the body to music or rhythm.
  • Comedy – Comedy refers to performances or media designed to be humorous and make people laugh.
  • Art – Art encompasses a wide range of creative expressions, including painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture, and it can enjoy through galleries, museums, and public spaces.

Entertainment is an essential part of human culture, providing people with a means of relaxation, socializing, and expression. It also has economic significance, as the entertainment industry generates billions of dollars in revenue yearly and creates job opportunities for a wide range of professionals, including performers, producers, and technicians.



Marketing refers to promoting and selling products or services to consumers or businesses. It involves identifying customer needs and wants, developing products or services that meet them, and creating strategies to promote and distribute them effectively.

Marketing can take many forms, with advertising, public relations, sales promotions, direct marketing, and personal selling. Advertising involves creating and placing messages in various media outlets to reach a large audience, such as television, radio, print, and digital platforms. Public relations consists in managing the reputation and image of a company or brand through media coverage, events, and other communication efforts.



Software refers to the programs, data, and instructions that enable a computer or other electronic device to perform specific tasks or functions. It includes both system software, which controls the basic operations of a computer or device, and application software, which design for particular jobs or purposes.

System software includes operating systems, which manage a computer or device’s hardware and software resources, as well as utilities, such as disk defragmenters, virus scanners, and backup programs. Application software includes many programs, such as word processors, spreadsheet programs, graphics software, and video editing tools.

Software typically creates by software developers using programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, or JavaScript. These languages allow developers to write code that can compile into machine-readable instructions that a computer or device can execute.

How to Submit Your Article “Digital Life Hackers” Write For Us? – Technology Write For Us

If your article meets the above guidelines, you can send the final draft via Digital Life Hackersmail. After reviewing your report, our editorial team will publish the article, and we will share the published Link of the content.

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Why Write For Us

  • When you write for Digital Life Hackers, you’ll get the following:
  • If you write for us, your target business client could be a reader of our blog; You can have massive exposure.
  • You can link to your website in the article, which shares the SEO value of your website.
  • It will help you build a relationship with your target audience.
  • Our presence is also on social networks, and we will share your article on our social channels.
  • When you write for us, your brand and content are visible worldwide.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines – Technology Write For Us

Guest Post Submission

Proper Headlines: Before submitting the article with us, ensure the article contains adequate H1, H2 and H3 and break down the longer paragraphs into smaller ones to make the article more comfortable for the audience.

Check for Plagiarism: We consider plagiarism a severe threat to our website. Therefore, please submit unique and relevant content to our blog.

Avoid Grammer Mistakes: Avoid simple grammatical errors that decrease the article’s effectiveness. Check the article on to avoid mistakes.

Images: We appreciate it if you add high-quality and relevant images to help the audience to understand the article better. Please make sure the image size fits 1200*800 Pixels and avoids copyright issues.

Article Word Count: We encourage you to write an article containing a minimum of 600+ words. Avoid re-writing the article by copying from different blogs.

Document Format: We would appreciate you if you submitted the article in Microsoft word document or Google docs.

Our Aspiration – Technology Write For Us


You can Write for the Following Topics -Technology Write For Us

  • Accessories
  • Applications
  • Gadgets
  • Games
  • iPhone
  • Tech
  • Reviews
  • Softwares
  • Android
  • Mobile
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Hardware
  • Camera
  • Electronics
  • WordPress Themes
  • Hosting

What Happens After We Accept Your Guest Post or Articles?

We offer free Guest Posts Service with an instant submission process; You don’t need to wait a day or week for approval. We will update you within an hour.

Once we receive the Guest Post, it reviews. We may modify it if needed.

We republish the blog and share it on social media giving due credit to the author.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Technology has both beneficial and negative impacts. Many people use technology to further their development, while others use it to destroy the environment and society.

Advantages of Technology Write For Us

Technology makes teaching easier

  • Production expansion
  • Time management
  • Technology enhances services
  • Easy and quick communication
  • Reduces online fraud and cybercrime
  • Has increased people’s safety
  • Improved storage
  • Technology makes teaching easier
  • Medical Care and Services

Disadvantages of Technology Write For Us


Addiction - Technology Write For Us

  • Unemployment
  • Data security
  • People get distracted easily
  • Health concerns
  • People become involved in seeing undesirable things
  • Addiction
  • Impacted one’s social life
  • Technology is costly
  • Additional training is required
  • Influenced nature
  • Technology isn’t always secure

Who Should Post at the Next Tech?

Right and Legit Question Indeed.

Our answer will be – Everyone, who belongs to the following categories, should publish guest posts with us –

  • Those who want to increase their brand’s reach.
  • Those who want to reach out to technology enthusiasts.
  • Those who want to tell their story and think our audience will be the best to hear them.

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