Unemployment If you analyze this, you have surely wondered what happens if you do not have the right to receive the unemployment benefit that the Spanish State gives to the country’s citizens. Well, you can rest easy because, in this guide, we will solve all the doubts you have. Of course, in the simplest way possible, you do not get lost at any time.

If you do not meet the requirements to access the contributory unemployment benefit, do not worry. There are still alternatives to receive money from the State to overcome this difficult moment; Our solution is to resort to unemployment at the welfare level. That is, to the unemployment subsidy.

If you did not know this financial aid, we will give you the keys to see if you should collect it, what amount, how long, when, and how to request it.

Who Is Authorize To Receive Unemployment Benefits?

To receive the unemployment subsidy, you cannot meet any of the requirements marked to be granted the tax filing for unemployment. You will also need to be register as a job seeker when you apply and have one of these circumstances:

  • Having exhaust the contributory unemployment benefit and having family responsibilities.
  • Be long-term unemployed and have exhaust subsidies.
  • Not accrediting at least 360 days quoted and has still worked. If you have family responsibilities, the minimum to request it is three months cited, and if you do not have, six months.
  • In addition, you must prove that you have an income of less than 75% of the minimum interprofessional salary, that is, less than €723.75/month in 2022, have family responsibilities and have not reached ordinary retirement age.

In the case of opting for the subsidy, the contribution bases accumulate up to that moment will lose. They will not take into account subsequent unemployment benefit rights.

In this paragraph, we have introduced some concepts with which you may have doubts. Don’t worry. We’ll explain them more clearly below:

What Is Meant By The Income Considered For The Subsidy?

It is the total income you receive as an individual. It refers to income derived from assets, rights, income from work, capital or benefits, except for the help of a dependent child.

Severance payments are not considered. Nor is habitual residence a patrimonial asset.

In the case of professional activities, the income will be fewer expenses in gross terms before deducting taxes.

What Is Meant By Family Responsibilities?

It means that you have spouses or dependent children under the age of 26 or over with a disability more significant than 33%. In addition, they must have no income above the minimum interprofessional salary (€965/month in 2022) and live with the beneficiary unless there is a compensatory pension.

After these clarifications, let’s continue with explaining the unemployment subsidy.

When Is The Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy Process?

You can request it once at least one month has elapse since you stayed in any of the above situations. The management will have to done through the SEPE.

How Much Is The Amount Of The Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy?

You will receive 80% of the IPREM as a benefit for a maximum of 6 non-extendable months and will by the SEPE.

In other words, in 2022, 80% of €579.02/month will receive, or €463.21 gross per month for six months.

To this amount, we must deduct the corresponding withholdings for Social Security and personal income tax. Or what is the same, at €463.21 we must remove:

  • 4.7% for contingencies common to Social Security.
  • 2% for personal income tax.

In short, you will receive €432.17 net in your bank account.

If you have family responsibilities and do not contribute for 360 days. You entitle to the same amount of subsidy as the number of months you have contributed, up to 6 months.

For example, if you have family responsibilities and have contributed for three months, you will have a 3-month unemployment subsidy. On the other hand, if you have contributed for four months, your unemployment benefit will be four months.

If you have family responsibilities in certain exceptional situations, it can belong to 21 months.

How Can The Unemployment Benefit Be Extend?

After exhausting the unemployment benefit and having no family responsibilities, the following situations of extension may occur:

  • Being a Spanish emigrant return from non-EU countries without an unemployment protection agreement. In addition, having work 12 months in 6 years, extending up to 18 months.
  • Being release from prison when the sentence is longer than six months and not having access to contributory unemployment benefit can be extend to 18 months.
  • Being declare disable or partially disabled in review for improvement can be extend up to 18 months.
  • Be older than 52 years. Unemployment subsidies extend until the ordinary contributory retirement age.

After having exhausted the unemployment benefit and having family responsibilities, it can be long as follows:

     Age Exhausted provision of              Extendable for a maximum of

  • Over 45 years old 120 months        24 months
  • Over 45 years old 180 months        30 months
  • Under 45 years 180 months            24 months

What Causes Suspension And Termination Of The Unemployment Subsidy?

Last but not least, you will stop receiving the unemployment subsidy when any of the following causes occur.


The suspension means that you stop receiving the benefit, but you can resume it later. It will suspend if:

  • You get an employment contract of fewer than 12 months.
  • You receive income above 75% of the IPREM or stop having family responsibilities for less than 12 months.


Extinction means that the subsidy is no longer receive definitively. There is no possibility of taking it up again.

If any of the above circumstances continue for more than 12 months, the unemployment subsidy will be extinguish.

Everything you collect as a subsidy under circumstances that do not correspond to you must be return to SEPE. This is because they are consider unduly receive income. It is crucial to notify the public employment services when we find ourselves in one of these situations.

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