Programs Today it is imperative to look for technologies that allow us to create software practically and profitably. Many lands directly on this blog, but others arrive through referrals from bloggers in the Venlo community.

One of the most influential blogs in this sense is In this article, I will briefly review those most popular articles through which people looking for software to create programs find us.

How to Create Programs?


This article explains clearly and concisely how to create programs in 5 steps. It focuses a lot on the importance of analyzing the user and not assuming that they are just like us. The program you make has to work for the end-user and not the programmer.

Another aspect that stands out is the need to analyze the flow of information. It is recommended to paint on a whiteboard designing the tables, fields and links to visualize how the data will flow from the software you want to create.

Finally, it focuses on how to create the data project with Velneo and test the tables, indexes and relationships. It places particular emphasis on the user interface design, which is the most critical part of the entire process. It emphasizes that the interface must be programmed last and not fall into the vice acquired by many programmers who want to do it initially.

Create Software In The Cloud

This post explains the importance of developing or creating software in the cloud. It highlights the importance of setting in the cloud and not locally since it will later use in the cloud. It also highlights the need to use a platform designed to program in the cloud, such as Venlo, since traditional platforms for making software were not designed to develop in the cloud. This way, you will be able to program from any location, your clients will be able to carry out tests without much complication, and you will be able to see the real-time operation of your application in the cloud.

Video: A Program For Making Programs

Another post with a lot of weight among the people who visit us is the simple but effective one. People who program in Venlo can think of definitions for enterprise application development platforms, but at heart, it is a program for making programs.

How To Make A Program?

Finally, I include an article that focuses on making a program to determine what program I should make.

He recommends being clear about what program we want to do and spending 80% of the time thinking about what to do and 20% programming.

Secondly, it focuses on the need to define the software’s functionality you want to create concisely. You have to start with the essentials because you compete with functionality in the world of software creation. The app you make should be stable, abstract, simple and friendly. It then emphasizes the need to determine the minimum viable product to obtain evaluations. From potential clients with the minimum effort in terms of resources. That minimum viable product should become the first iteration of the program you want to create.

He ends by emphasizing that the product must be viable and straightforward. That complexity must be progressive since, in the first iterations, it is essential to focus on the user experience.

For all this, he ends by explaining the need to choose a programming language and technology that allows you to work practically and profitably. Video is a complete application development platform that solves the technological part for you. creating software are the most relevant for people who find us in need of programming software quickly and easily.

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