A programmer is any professionally trained individual to develop computer systems and software. Is responsible for writing, And also debugging, and reviewing the source code of a computer system that meets an objective.


Qualities Of A Programmer

This professional has a series of qualities and professional characteristics that allow him to function optimally in the area, such as:

  • Sense of leadership and communication: Professional programmers have communication skills to harmonize the work team. If there is fluid communication between the members, tasks can be completed more efficiently.
  • Make important decisions: Deciding at the beginning or end of a project is an essential quality in a professional programmer, as this can define the success or failure of the project undertaken by the professional.
  • Determine factors beyond the code: If you want to be a programmer, you must be able to see beyond the code; this means that professionals have faced different adverse situations that have put the project in danger; under this fact, And also we must be able to evaluate other solutions and contribute ideas to get ahead.
  • Be creative. The programmer par excellence must be a professional with a high level of creativity and imagination in the codes and systems created.

There are two main types of programmers: junior and senior, And also which fulfill different functions and objectives at the business level, and we will get to know them next!

Duties of a junior programmer

We know the junior programmer as the one who has just completed his specialization or has less work experience, unlike the senior programmer. Has limited functions, among them we have:

  • Determine what the structure and web design will be.
  • Achieve a satisfactory user experience.
  • Develop improvements in the system to achieve a better user experience.
  • Achieve the best balance between design and functionality in web pages.
  • Check that all web designs are fully enhanced for all devices.
  • Create reusable codes for other projects.
  • Optimize web pages designed to maintain users’ stable and satisfactory flow.
  • Maintain coherence between each of the projects where you work.
  • Test the code or system to ensure that each function is stable and bug-free.

Functions Of A Senior Programmer In A Company

To better understand what it is to be a  senior programmer, And also we must point out that they have a job position of great business relevance and fulfill the company’s most critical and specialized functions. Among the parts of the senior programmer are:

  • Identify those needs present in users and systems that allow the development of new websites and applications.
  • Prepare and organize each project that is carried out and assign and distribute the corresponding tasks to each member that forms the team.
  • Design each wireframe to determine what each web project will look similar to.
  • Review and identify errors in the code of different projects, And also to rule out possible mistakes.
  • Carry out performance tests and debug the program code.
  • Supervise, And also evaluate and correct junior programmers to improve their performance in the company.

What Do I Need To Know To Become A Programmer?

Being an optimized programmer means recognizing the use of tools in the area, programs that perform and work for a single function: create code. And also  good programmer knows how to use them, and the most used in his career are:

  • HTML AND CSS. Managing the HTML language is a fundamental requirement for becoming a programmer, And also dedicating themselves to front-end development. It is one of the programming languages that informs the browser about the page’s structure. On the other hand, CSS handles the layout of the web page.
  • JavaScript is another system for programming that allows us to define functionality and how it coordinates with web design features and CSS elements.
  • JavaScript Frameworks make it easier for us to use JS code and speed up the development of projects.
  • Version control software. And also It turns out to be quite a popular program among programmers as it allows software development to be more dynamic and practical.

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