Psychology Marketing In the first place, we must consider that marketing seeks to predict user demands and drive markets towards the total satisfaction of consumer needs and services. For this reason. The need arises to discover what consumers think and extract from them the conditions they ask for to satisfy them.

Why Is Psychology Important In Marketing?

Psychology Marketing has a vital role in marketing since it knows how the human mind works, taking into account its environment’s social. Political, and cultural factors. In this way, you can influence your potential consumers’ acquisition or purchase decisions.

The key is how to use this information in planning marketing strategies. Increasing sales, and, in turn, making consumers happy, this being the result of psychology applied to marketing.

What Is Psychology Applied To Marketing?

Each action or decision made by a consumer or user is previously technologist by numerous psychological stimuli of various kinds. Such as their emotions, preferences, and rejections. Therefore, the decisions of human life are initiated by a psychological impulse. That is why it is essential to induce the individual to decide as planned in the marketing strategy and thus achieve that from being an ordinary individual to a potential consumer.

How Does The Process Of Psychology Applied To Marketing Influence The Consumer?

Psychology has a process of techniques, tools. And knowledge that allow knowing the stimuli that most influential people. What they look at. And what catches their attention.

This psychological process applied to marketing makes the last echo all these impulses more transparently and attractively. Influencing the consumer’s purchasing decision.

Examples Of Psychology Techniques Applied To Marketing

Announcement «New AS application.»

An excellent example of the enormous relationship between psychology and marketing and advertising campaigns can occur in announcing the new application of the sports newspaper AS. In this case. The aim is to give simple explanations because people like them more.

The message conveyed by the ad for the AS app is very psychological since it says that you can very easily personalize the content that interests you: football results, your teams, players, etc.

Coca-Cola’s “Coca-Cola breaks the ice for you” ad

This ad is a clear example of psychology to carry out a Marketing campaign. In this case. The brain records the information graphically and completes everything that our eyes do not see through images and not by letters or numbers. In other words. It uses the ability to graphically and positively imagine everything that we do not see explicitly.

By looking at the images of the different situations that the couple is going through. We can get an idea of the message they want to convey about “breaking the ice.”

The spot «Do you like to drive?» BMW

Another clear example in which psychology is essential to transmit those emotions that it seeks to associate with the BMW brand through the television commercial. In this well-known advertisement. BMW uses the strategy of establishing a stimulus-emotion relationship. Where the stimulus is the product (the BMW car). And the emotion is the influencing factor in the purchase of the product.

It is used a lot in today’s economy.

where emotion has replace reason. It seeks to associate the psychological idea of freedom and the desire to fly with the BMW car brand.

In short, it is hunter after that the producer manufactures those products or services. That interest the consumer base on their thoughts. Preferences and tastes.

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