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What are shares? And what is a claim worth?

What are shares Write For Us

A share is a picket in a company (a public limited company). In exchange for its capital, the company gives the shareholder one share. Shareholders are, therefore, co-owners with a financial interest in the company.

In doing so, he acquires certain rights – such as the opportunity to have a say (administrative rights) and the right to participate financially in the company’s success (property rights).

The legal form of this company does not necessarily have to be a stock corporation. In France, Spain or Italy, such a company is often called SA. The European form of the stock corporation (Societas Europaea, abbreviated SE), the US Inc., or the British PLC is also conceivable. In addition, there is also the possibility in Germany to set up a limited partnership based on shares, the KGaA.

Share (finance)

ShareIn the financial markets, a share is a unit of equity interest in a company’s capital stock. It may refer to mutual fund shares, limited partnerships, and real estate investment trusts. Share capital means all shares in a company. The owner of shares in a company is a shareholder (or equity holder) of the company.

A loan is an indivisible capital unit expressing the ownership relationship between the company and the shareholder. The par value of a share is its par value, and the aggregate par value of shares outstanding represents a company’s equity, which may not reflect the market value of those shares.

Income from stock ownership is a dividend. Several types of entitlements include stock, preference, deferred, redeemable, bonus, entitlement, and employee stock option plans.


Stocks are still valued according to different principles in different markets, but a basic premise is that a claim is worth the price at which a transaction would likely take place if the stock were sold. Market liquidity is an essential consideration as to whether a right can remain sold at any given time.

An actual stock sale transaction between the buyer and seller is generally considered the market’s best prima facie indicator of the “true value” of the stock at that particular point in time. When valuing a minority interest (less than 50%), a minority discount is generally applied when the owner provides limited control over the company when owned by a controlling shareholder.


Outstanding shares are those approved by the government, issued by the company and held by third parties. The number of outstanding shares outstanding multiplied by the share price gives the company market capitalization, which would be sufficient to buy the company at a constant stock exchange price.

Tax treatment

The tax treatment of dividends varies by tax jurisdiction. For example, in India, dividends in the hands of the shareholder are tax-free up to INR 1 million. Still, the company paying the dividend has to pay a dividend distribution tax of 12.5%. There is also the concept of attributed dividends, which are not tax-free. In addition, Indian tax laws contain provisions to stop the abolition of dividends.

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