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What is Politics?

All over the world, countries and the people who inhabit them are affected by politics. It is how the people who live in those countries can make decisions about laws and policies so that they can live in harmony. Whether they adopt a democratic, federal, communist, dictatorial, or republican approach (we will explore these a little later). It is through politics that societies continue to function, key policies are implemented, and global challenges are addressed.

A country’s political footprint usually consists of a government, usually made up of one or more political parties, each of which generally holds different views. It is the role of politicians, of the people who have professional positions within these parties, to use their persuasion and charisma to fight for a chance to secure a seat in government, where they can fulfil the promises of their policies and contribute to change.

From managing the welfare of a country for its services like running hospitals and schools to building services and housing that benefit the people of your country, politics plays a crucial role in operations and daily life by billions of people.

What is a political party?

By definition, a political party is an organization or group of individuals that seek political power.hrough elections to implement or influence the policies and laws of a country.

Typically, political parties will field a pool of candidates from local areas of a country or state with the ambition of remained elected to government in an election. However, in countries with dictatorships, only one political party remain usually allowed. The leader chooses new leaders rather than the people inhabiting that country.

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