What is The Metaverse


The Metaverse The most widespread theory about creating the known Universe is the Big Bang, the Great Explosion that occurred more than 13,800 million years ago and gave birth to our existence.

Today we are witnessing a new Big Bang that, despite not having as much significance as the previous one, aims to change all our social interactions to a great extent.

As you may be thinking, after reading the guide’s title, you will already imagine that I am talking about the famous Metaverse. We are all very tired of the Metaverse appearing even in the cereal bowl, but listen to me.

About The Metaverse As A Visit To The Dentist.

It will happen, but they would like to avoid it while others get the thrill of entering an amusement park.

You have already taken the first step by opening this guide. Your feet are on the trampoline’s edge, and all you have to do is take one more action. Open your mind, get comfortable, and relax because I will show you the most incredible journey of your life: the secrets, myths, and legends of what this new frontier for humanity implies.

Everything Is Invented, Even If They Sell It To Us As New

Metaverse was the first creation in a science fiction novel, Snow Crash, by author Neal Stephenson in 1992.

There, the concepts of virtual lives that have subsequently had so much travel have Already unraveled. We can see it in science fiction movies like Avatar, The Matrix, Ready Player One, and to a lesser extent, in the social sciences and philosophy.

However, this concept is not original to that novel either, since human beings have tried to live other lives since birth. Don’t you think that funeral rites are a belief in universes other than ours? The dream world, the concepts of Heaven and Hell, or even reincarnation, are nothing more than metaverses with different meanings and purposes.

Now, I’m getting to the point I’m getting very transcendent, and this is not an existential philosophy class.

What Is Truly Different About This New Metaverse Is That It Is Virtual And Designed Entirely By Humans.

In 2002, with the creation of Second Life, a pilot test concept was already attempted, but it became evident that the technology of the moment was not a task.

Nobody wants to live another life through digital dolls with no real resemblance to their human counterparts. But the seed of what was to come was already planted in that first attempt.

Twenty years later, technology has taken such a leap that it is sometimes hard to believe. Today we can recreate deceased actors with CGI to finish their movies, age our friends with Face App to laugh at them, or dive into World War II to crush some Nazis with frightening realism.

In the video game industry, they have been enjoying these critical advances. Epic Games, the creator of the famous Fortnite, recreates human beings with an outstanding level of realism.

In this last industry, that of video games, the most significant advances have been ultimately valuing what is understood. Let’s see if you thought that the only gift to humanity from video games was FIFA.

And no, this is not an excuse to play more hours than allowed with the Playstation. I’m reading your mind.

Love It Or Hate It, But First Understand It

The enthusiasm generated by the possibilities of the Metaverse pales  criticisms that have appeared practically since its inception:

  • “People can’t spend all day playing video games.”
  • “No one will want to replace the real world with something unreal.”
  • “In my time, there were real personal relationships and not virtual ones.”
  • “It will be fun for the rich that the poor will not be able to enjoy.”

All of these arguments and many extra are against the use of the Metaverse. Despite everything, the reality is that we have been living connect for a long time, and it is call the internet.

It’s All Connected, And We’re Not Seeing It Coming

Virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms, cyber goggles, NFTs, virtual businesses, avatars that generate wealth. Do you see where I’m going?

Convergence is a technology concept that is never verbal or near. Yet it is humanity’s most excellent source of innovation. Convergence allows, for example, the development of artificial intelligence to be apply to the pharmaceutical industry to discover new drugs in record time. Does the controversy over the speed at which the Covid vaccine has stood sound familiar to you? Convergence in operation.

There are thousands of examples. Visual recognition technologies apply to autonomous cars or cite a great classic, the Teflon that covers our frying pans. Which were primarily use to re-enter space rockets into the Earth’s atmosphere. Remember that the next time someone laughs at the space plans of Virgin or Tesla, there will come many wonders of the future.

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