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What is Varieties And Treatments For A Hernia

A Hernia is a mutual problem. It reasons a local swelling in the stomach or breakwater.

It can often be meaningless and pain-free, but it can sometimes bring discomfort and pain at times.

Basic Facts About Hernias

  • Hernias do not usually cause bothersome symptoms, but abdominal discomfort can indicate a severe problem.
  • They are usually easy to diagnose, simply with an exam to look for and feel the lump.
  • Treatment is a choice between careful observation and corrective surgery, either through an open operation or minimal incision.
  • Inguinal hernia surgery is more common in childhood and old age, while the likelihood of having femoral hernia surgery increases throughout life.

What Is A Hernia?

A hernia occurs when a weakness or hole in the peritoneum, the muscular wall that usually holds the abdominal organs in place.

This defect in the peritoneum allows organs and tissues to penetrate or herniate, resulting in a bulge or lump.

The lump may disappear when the person lies down and can sometimes return to its original position under the skin. Coughing can make it come back.


Hernias can frequently be found in the following areas:

Groin: A femoral hernia creates a bulge just below the groin. It is more common in women. An inguinal hernia is more common in men. It is a bulge in the groin that can reach the scrotum.

Upper stomach: A Hiatal or hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of the stomach protrudes from the abdominal cavity into the chest through an opening in the diaphragm.

Navel: A bulge in this region occurs due to an umbilical or periumbilical hernia.

Surgical scar: Previous abdominal surgery can cause an incisional it through the fault.


Except for an incisional hernia (a complication of abdominal surgery), in most cases, there is no apparent reason for it to develop. The risk increases with age and occurs more often in men than women.

A hernia can be congenital (present at birth) or develop in children with abdominal wall weakness.

Hiatal Hernia Risk Factors

The risk of hiatal hernia is higher in people who:

  • Are 50 years old or older
  • are obese


In many cases, a hernia is nothing more than a painless swelling that causes no problems and does not need immediate medical attention.

However. it can cause discomfort and pain, and symptoms are often made worse by standing, straining, or lifting heavy objects. Most people who notice increased swelling or pain eventually see a doctor.

In some cases, a hernia needs immediate surgery. For example, when a part of the intestine becomes blocked or strangulated by an inguinal hernia.

Immediate Medical Attention Should Sought If An Inguinal Hernia Results In Acute Abdominal Conditions Such As:

  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • vomiting
  • The lump cannot return to its normal position within the abdomen.

The swelling. In these cases. Is usually consistent and sensitive and cannot be return to its original position under the skin of the abdomen.

A Hiatal or hiatal hernia can produce symptoms of acid reflux, such as heartburn. Which is cause by stomach acid entering the esophagus.


  • It is usual for a hernia without symptoms to watch and wait, but this can cause a risk for certain types of it , such as femoral hernias.
  • Within two years of diagnosing femoral it , 40 percent lead to intestinal strangulation.
  • It is unclear whether non-emergency surgery is worthwhile for hernia repair in cases with no symptoms and where the hernia may pass through the abdomen.
  • The American College of Surgeons and some other medical bodies consider elective surgery unnecessary in such cases, recommending careful observation instead.
  • Others recommend surgical repair to eliminate the risk of posterior strangulation of the intestine, a complication in which the blood supply to an area of tissue is cut off. Requiring an emergency procedure.

These health authorities consider that an early and routine operation is preferable to an emergency procedure with more risk.

Types Of Surgery

Although surgical options depend on individual circumstances. Including the location of the hernia, there are two main types of it surgery:

  • open surgery
  • Laparoscopic operation (minimal incision surgery)

Open surgical repair closes the hernia with sutures, mesh, or both, and the surgical wound in the skin is closed with sutures, staples, or surgical glue.

Laparoscopic repair is used in repeat operations to avoid the previous scarring. And although it is generally more expensive. It is less likely to cause complications such as infection.

Laparoscopically guided surgical repair of a hernia allows smaller incisions. Leading to a faster recovery from the operation.

The it is repair in the same way as to open surgery. But it is guide by a small camera and a light inserted through a tube. Surgical instruments are insert through another small incision. The abdomen is inflated with gas to help the surgeon see better and give them room to work. The entire operation is performed under general anesthesia.

Hernia In Children

Inguinal it is one of the most common surgical conditions in infants and children.

A 2014 systematic review collected 20 years of data on conventional open it repair (herniorrhaphy). However, there is no significant difference in operative time for unilateral inguinal it repair.

The recurrence rate is similar for both procedures, but complication. Such as wound infection, are more likely with open surgery. Especially in infants.

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