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How Google Forms Works ? What Are Google Forms, and more

Google Forms Gathering information is one of the most critical tasks performed on the internet. However, this topic is broad and allows many data types to be accepted. The objective is to process and obtain relevant data for a purpose, as it can be to get the opinion on a product or a service.

The available tools can vary greatly. And much of it is due to the openness of the digital world. Therefore, special attention should be paid to devices such as  Google Forms, one of the best.

What Are Google Forms

Google has many services that have become popular in recent years due to their great utility. One of them is  Google Forms, a tool with which you can collect data and information from anyone very quickly.

Google Forms is an excellent alternative because it allows you to create a personalized form that can collect data of any kind. It can use only with a Google account and take advantage of all its functions from the web browser.

How Google Forms Works

You have to enter Google Forms through this link. Sign in with your Google account, or you’ll need to create one. And it’s free to do so. Immediately, you will have the opportunity to complete your first form.

You can choose different questions or options such as open questions, subsections, multiple-choice, with drop-down lists or others available. In addition. And also you can combine them to get better results or make simple or closed questionnaires. For this, you will have the opportunity to choose a pre-designed template, or you can create a template from scratch.

Google Forms will organize

The information in an Excel file according to the fields that have been created. It is something straightforward because it also has integration with Google Sheets. So at this time, it may be one of the best options to consider.

The design of the form is not limited because you can change the colors, add a photo, a logo, or other small details to make it attractive. It will depend on the creativity you have when designing your form.

What Uses To Give Google Forms

The forms rummage-sale to collect information from companies or individuals. These are essential details to grow or obtain better benefits in the short or medium term.

Multiple users can manage forms as long as they sign in with a Google account. It will allow you to edit the state to improve it and make it more useful. The user will only have to respond and send the information. This service is free, and you can take full advantage of it. It has a paid version that offers additional features.

Google Forms And Take Advantage Of It

  • Once inside, go to the “My unit” section and press the right button. It brings up a menu, and one of the options is to be able to create a Google Form. Two tabs will be enable to create a blank format and another to adopt a template.

Since we’re getting start, select the blank form:

  • -Selecting the blank form opens a new tab to create your custom form. You will have to put a title a description and start writing the questions.
  • -Each question is fully customizable, and for this, there is an options bar on the right side of the screen. From there, you can add new questions, place photos videos, or add sections in case the form needs to be divide by topic
  • -There is also an option to select the type of questions you want to ask, which allows you to adapt the question to the chosen format: if it is a date, a matrix, single or multiple selections, among others. When adding images, these will not have options to answer directly, but it serves to place it as a header and from it generate the questions below
  • -Before sending the material, you can have access to a preview of the form to know how it is looking at the moment. You have to click on the icon of an eye. There is also a button to customize the form with a specific theme add images and colors for the text.
  • -Finally, when the form is ready, it can remain sent to the users from whom you want to receive their responses. There is a large send button in the upper right corner, and when you press it, a send configuration window is display.
  • There you must select the emails of the recipients. Also, you can copy the link of the form and submit it manually or copy the HTML structure of the state and paste it into a web page.
  • -When users start responding, there is a section that allows you to see how the results are going. Next to the questions, there is a button call «Answers» when entering there, you will see the form already answer, segment by users, and you will be able to search for the answers of a specific user.

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