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Digital Media Production & Journalism Joint Honors Digital Media Production and Journalism offers you an exciting opportunity to combine creative work with digital media to explore the practical business of exploring and communicating what is happening in the world now.

Studying these subject areas combined is an exciting prospect if design and communication are at the heart of your interests if media and modern culture are your passions. If intelligence and learning through doing is your preferred style to academic study, and if design and media-related engagement is your long-term goal.

Journalism, Media, And Technology

Executive Summary

This year’s report adopts a new format that highlights insights from digital leaders on the key issues facing the media industry and combines them with five forward-looking contributions from the Reuters Institute. The central objective is to provide valuable insights for 2020 and identify the main trends.

The disruptions of mobile phones and social networks have defined the last ten years, which fragmented attention, undermined business models based on advertising, and weakened journalism’s watchdog role. Similarly, social and political disruptions have precious trust in journalism and, in several countries, led to attacks on independent media.

The next decade will be the increasing internet regulation, plus attempts to regain trust in journalism and a closer connection with audiences.

The next wave of technological disruption will also be impacted by automation through artificial intelligence, big data (gathering and analyzing large volumes of data), and new visual and voice-based interfaces.

And all this is against the backdrop of economic and political uncertainty that will imply more challenges for the sustainability media.

But How Do Industry Leaders See This Year?

  • Most media executives say they are confident in their companies’ prospects but much less sure about the future of journalism. The provision of local information is a central concern, along with fears of declining trust and political attacks on journalism.
  • The majority (85%) think the media should do more to fight lies and half-truths.
  • Publishers continue to bet heavily on revenue from readers: half say that will be their primary source. Around a third (35%) think advertising and readership revenue will be equally important, with just one in seven (14%) pinning their hopes on advertising alone

Key Trends And Predictions For 2020

This section explores critical issues for this year, mixing data and opinions from our executive survey. For each theme, we suggest some indications about what can happen next.

The Outlook For The Business Is The Most Positive In Years, But Concerns About Journalism Remain

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (73%) are confident or very confident about their companies’ prospects for 2020. It is surprisingly positive ongoing uncertainty in publishing and business. Still, it reflects the optimism of many who consider that the income via readers and the diversification of strategies are beginning to bear fruit.

However, those same executives have less confidence in journalism in general (46%) and in public interest journalism in particular. There is widespread concern about weakening local information and the political and economic pressures on journalists trying to control the rich and powerful.

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Career Opportunities

The journalism aspect of this course gives you practical skills to. Work as a journalist or researcher or in related communication professions such as public relations.  Students have found employment in the following fields: radio presentation at local and national level. Media research, journalism, event organization, media planning, television, theatre, marketing, public relations. Campaigns, teaching and further study. They are well placed to pursue postgraduate studies in journalism or various other fields.

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