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CAT8 Cable Write For Us

CAT8 Cable Write For Us

CAT8 CableCAT8 cable is ideal for use in data centers and server rooms. Because it has RJ45 connectors, the CAT8 cable can connect to most standard network equipment, allowing you to upgrade your network without replacing any equipment.

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Category 8 cabling is the official successor to Cat6A cabling. The IEEE and EIA have officially recognized it, and parts and pieces remain standardized across manufacturers. Cat8 cabling provides faster throughput over short distances: 40 Gbps up to 78′ and 25 Gbps up to 100′.

Cat 5 vs Cat 8 What exactly is Cat5?

Cat 5 cable (Cat 5) remained introduced in 1995 as the successor to Cat 3. It improved version was introduced in 2001 and has since become the most commonly used copper cable. It has a maximum bandwidth of 100 MHz at 1 Gbps within 100 meters.

Cat 6 vs Cat 8 What exactly is Cat6?

Cat 6 cable (Cat 6) was introduced in 2001 as an improved version of Cat5e. It has evolved into upgraded versions known as Cat6a and Cat6e. The primary distinction between cat 6 and cat 8 is in transmission performance. Cat 6a has a maximum bandwidth of 500 MHz at 10 Gbps within 55 meters.

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