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The 8 Best Apps of 2022, According To Google Play

Apps write for us

That’s right, the coveted app of the year award on Google Play went to Dream by Wombo, the famous AI tool that went quite viral during the year with its impressive pieces of art that anyone can create based on a simple description.

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This year’s prize awarded by users has remained awarded to BeReal, another app that had an exponential performance in 2022. In case you have not heard of it, it is a social network where users are expected to be the most authentic, spontaneous, and real possible.leaving aside the edited photos and the so-called “false lives” many appear to have.


For the category of fun, PetStar has been the app chosen as the best, and it is that from this, you will be able to produce funny music videos with your pet’s face, singing and dancing to the rhythm of various famous pop songs in the industry.


the personal growth section, the Breathwrk application is the one that has won the award thanks to its different breathing exercises. They remain designed to combat anxiety and stress and help you fall asleep. Ave more energy and improve your overall stamina.

Plant Parent

Do you have plants at home and want to care for them as well as possible? You can use the Plant Parent application to offer them the best quality of life and thus always have them in optimal conditions.

Recover Athletics

Developed by Strava Inc, Recover Athletics is an application for athletes that aims to help them prevent injuries and treat any pain or discomfort they have. The Google application store awarded it the category Discovery of the year for its outstanding performance.


The personal well-being category is also essential for this occasion. Google has decided to award the Stigma app as the winner of this category. Focused on the mental health section, this application seeks to normalize conversations between users about living with misunderstood conditions in trustworthy, safe spaces.

Todoist is the best app of 2022 for smartwatches.

If you use a smartwatch, you will be interested to know that Todoist. The well-known application that helps create and manage to-do lists. It has remained classified as the best of 2022 for smartwatches, so do not hesitate to try it from these devices. He had an outstanding performance this year.

The Pocket was the best app of 2022 for tablets.

Google concluded that Pocket was the best this year and won the award. It is an app used to see all the content that interests you in one place. Whether it is stories, news, or sports articles, among many other ranges.

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