Farming Agriculture is the set of economic activities related to land cultivation and the treatment of fertile soil for food production. Thus, it includes all those techniques and human actions focused on extracting food from the natural environment.

Farming - Engaged, Activities, Of Agriculture - 2023 Is to extract food. Agriculture includes all those economic activities focused on cultivating the land and the treatment of the soil. Therefore, from the production of all kinds of fruits to the rice fields in Asia, they are integrated into agriculture.

The Person Who Is Engaged In Agriculture Is The Farmer.

That is the person in charge of tilling the land, applying the fertilizers, and harvesting the harvest when it is ready. However, it should be famous that, over the years and the industrialization of this sector, these farmers, on many occasions, have machines that do the work that they previously performed. Also, many farmers work for large companies that engage in the mass production of any crop.

The Sector That Includes All These Activities Is The Agricultural Sector.

It is the sector that includes all the activities that comprise agriculture. The production of cotton, or other materials from which we will subsequently extract textile fibers, is an excellent example of how this sector connects with the textile sector, in the same way that it could be done with the automotive industry, if these fibers were used for fodder inside a vehicle. In addition, we must emphasize that many other sectors drink from this sector.

Likewise, Its Contribution To The Economy Stands Out Since

we are also talking about a sector that employs a large percentage of the population. It stands as the predominant sector in numerous economies throughout the planet.

Finally, it should note that agriculture is the activity that allows a pretty remarkable development of societies. Thus, thanks to this economic activity, societies are born through hydraulic institutions.

Characteristics Of Agriculture Farming

As a summary, let’s see the main characteristics of agriculture:

  • It is the set of economic activities related to land cultivation and the treatment of fertile soil. It is for food production and the extraction of other materials for non-food use.
  • And also includes all those techniques and human actions focused on the extraction of food from the natural environment and the extraction of other materials that, later, can be used in other sectors, such as textiles.
  • The person who is engaged in agriculture is the farmer.
  • The sector in which it operates in the agricultural industry.
  • It is one of the oldest sectors in history.
  • It is considered the first economic activity, which gives rise to the first societies.
  • In a large majority of economies, it is the predominant sector.

Types Of Agriculture Farming

Next, Let’s See How The Different Types Of Agriculture Are Classified:

Types Of Agriculture Based On The Use Of Means Of Production

  • intensive.
  • extensive.

Types Of Agriculture Based On Methods

  • Industry.
  • Traditional.

Types Of Agriculture Based On Objectives

  • Subsistence.
  • By contract.
  • Industrial or market.

Types Of Agriculture Based On Water Use

  • irrigated.
  • Dryland.

Types Of Alternative Agriculture

  • Ecological.
  • Natural.
  • Biodynamic.
  • Organic.

Understood That Agriculture Remained Born In Asia Or Latin America.

The truth is that there are areas of primary development throughout the planet, so it can stand to say that agriculture, simultaneously, was developing in different territories, and not, as one might believe, in a particular place.

While human beings were structure as societies with hunting and gathering as pillars, the origin of agriculture and its development represent an unprecedented advance. These societies went from being self-sufficient solely by hunting and gathering to cultivating products, which had two direct implications. On the one hand, abandoning the nomadic lifestyle and, on the other hand, the first surpluses, settlements, and the division of labor emerged.

The introduction of new techniques, mechanisms, tools, and everything related to agricultural production has not stop happening today. In this sense, agriculture has not stop evolving. From the feudal stage to the green revolution, agriculture has experience many changes, while a sector is important professionalize.

Agriculture And The Environment

Since we are talking about an activity focused on modifying the natural environment and, therefore, impacting the environment, it is convenient to refer to sustainable development.

And also As we know, more and more scientists are warning about the abuse of fertilizers by farmers and the consequences that mass production has on the sustainability

To do this, many farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs have implemented mechanisms and new cultivation technique typologies such as organic farming , And also  aim to reduce the impact of this sector on the environment hand.

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