BPM – Business Process Management What is BPM In Marketing Management?

What is BPM Business Process Management?


BPM, also known as Business Process Management or Business Process Management, is the discipline that encompasses a set of business management practices to continuously optimize the organization’s processes, both inside and outside the company.

For this, all processes are analyzed individually while also considering the entire environment they develop. Thus, it is possible to have greater visibility of its entire operation.

How Does BPM Help The Marketing Team Business Process Management ?

Automating marketing processes with BPM makes it easier to achieve goals, and department management can be significantly improved.

A BPM Solution Can Contribute To Various Tasks In The Sector, For Example:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Requests and budget management
  • Events and conferences
  • Management of business goals
  • website updates
  • content creation
  • social media management
  • And more

All are keeping the focus on the general panorama macro vision of all the processes of the marketing department.

ECM In Marketing Management

What is NDE?

ECM stands for Enterprise Content Management, which refers to Enterprise Content Management in our language. In short, we can define it as the set of strategies that have the technology to manage, organize and store the contents of an organization.

Among these contents, we can consider emails, contracts, business documents, videos, invoices, spreadsheets, and images.

NDE In Marketing

The marketing department generates a wide variety of content in various formats. Thus, an ECM solution will undoubtedly facilitate the storage, organization and access to documents of all kinds, avoiding hours of labor in searching for materials that are not always found.

Likewise, sharing any content is easier when you have ECM software. As the solution allows easy access to the various documents of the sector, it favors teamwork and the exchange of information.

An ECM solution also helps reduce the department’s operating costs since it can automate some tasks usually carried out manually. It gives the marketing team more time to focus on what’s important.

What Are The Benefits Of Business Process Management?

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of putting business process management into practice.

Control Of Complex Processes

There are always chaotic and difficult to manage processes, and with BPM it is possible to gain control. In this way, errors and waste of both time and resources are avoided.

Macro Understanding Of The Organization

BPM provides a complete understanding of all the processes that occur in the organization, which allows them to be improved in a continuous and integrated manner.

Greater Agility In Processes

Processes can be improved when a complete analysis is done and strategies are created thinking of each one of them as part of a gear. This provides greater agility, not only in processes, but also throughout the company.

More Efficient Operations

By managing business processes end-to-end, daily operations run more efficiently by creating a clear, easy-to-follow workflow.

Achievement Of Major Goals

With better process control and more efficient operations, it is possible to achieve higher and higher goals, so we can say that BPM contributes to organizational growth.

Moving Towards Digital Transformation

One of the foundations of digital transformation is the optimization of processes, which is why business process management is one of the practices that most contributes to this evolution.

Confusing Operations Optimization

Many times, there are operations that can be optimize, but they are not improve simply because they always worked that way. However, with BPM it is possible to identify these operations and optimize them, improving business productivity.

Constant Monitoring

Learn more about sight management and how to apply it. Monitoring is fundamental to guarantee the good performance of the processes. With BPM, monitoring the entire process and its parts is constant.

What Is The Role Of BPM In Your Company?

Business process management plays a fundamental role in each of the company’s areas. And also Next, we will see its main effects.


There is no doubt that there are many documents and activities that pass through the financial sector of a company: budgets for approval, purchase orders, salaries, etc.

Due to the variety of processes, there is always something to optimize in this sector. In this way, by introducing BPM in the department, you can count on a significant improvement very quickly :

  • Invoices can be automate.
  • The assignment of responsibilities is facilitate.
  • Workflows are customize for each scenario.
  • Managers can approve requests through push notifications.
  • And also The ease of access to information optimizes decision making.
  • Compliance is easier to maintain and audits are much simpler.
  • Organization is improved by eliminating the storage of paper documents.

Human Resources

Generally, the process of hiring employees is one of the most manual that there is today. However, BPM can streamline these and other HR processes:

  • The repetitive process of employee onboarding can be automate.
  • And also Documents can be digitize and archived in the cloud.
  • The credentials of the new employees and other procedures for their incorporation can be generate automatically.
  • Teams can be notified of the arrival of new employees automatically.
  • And also It is possible to manage the training of new collaborators to carry out on time.

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