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Today’s post will outline how to create a My Access Florida Account.

Welcome to the Florida Department of Children and Families Automated Community Connection to Economic Self-Sufficiency (ACCESS).

What information can remain obtained using your My Access Florida Account?

The Automated Community Connect to Economic Self-Sufficiency (Access) Florida system allows customers to connect with their public assistance information 24/7 through the online application and My Access Account.

The Access program helps to promote strong and economically self-sufficient communities by determining eligibility for food, cash, and medical assistance for individuals and families working towards economic recovery. The program remains managed on the local level by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Some Functions of www-myflorida-com-accessflorida

Some functions that can remain completed within yours. My Access Florida Account includes applying for assistance (food assistance, temporary cash assistance, Medicaid), checking on your application status, reporting a change, requesting additional benefits, and information regarding your current benefits.

You can also obtain information regarding your EBT Card, such as your benefit distribution schedule, current benefit balance, and transaction history, to name a few. This information and more are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days per week when you use your online account. In addition, you can also submit requested verification to the department using the document upload feature.

Public benefits and Services

By determining eligibility for food, cash, and medical assistance for individuals and families in Florida, the Department of Children and Families Public Benefits and Assistance promotes strong and economically self-sufficient communities.

What types of Help does DCF Offer?

The Department of Children and Families Economic Self-Sufficiency Program has several programs to help Florida families. They include Food, Temporary Cash, Medicaid, and Refugee Assistance.

Each program has its eligibility rules, and Florida uses one application for all assistance programs.

The Office of Economic Self-Sufficiency (ESS) self-service portal allows customers to connect with their public assistance information 24/7.

Assistance Schemes

The Food Assistance Program assists individuals and families in purchasing nutritious foods that will help them maintain and promote good health. The Temporary Cash Assistance program pays rent, utilities, and other household expenses for pregnant women in their third trimester and families with dependent children. Individuals and families can receive Medicaid assistance to cover or assist with the cost of medically necessary services.

How to renew

We don’t want you to be without health care coverage. Keep your benefits by renewing on time. Here’s how:

1. Check your mail

You’ll get a letter from the state about two months before renewing your coverage. You will get an email alert if you have a My ACCESS account.

2. Renew your benefits

Once you receive your letter, renew your benefits in one of these ways:

Online: Log in to your My ACCESS account

By mail: Fill out and return the renewal paperwork that came with your letter from the state

By phone or in person: Call or visit your local community partner agency

If you don’t renew by the date in the letter, you may lose your health care benefits. Be sure to continue on time!

Register for My Access Florida Account

To register for a My Access Florida account, read and follow the instructions below.

1.) Visit the My Access Florida Website

The first step when registering for a My Access Florida Account is to visit the My Access Website. You can find that website here.

2.) Create My Access Account

Once on the My Access Florida website, click the button at the top right of the homepage that says, “Create My Access Account.”. www-myflorida-com-accessflorida

3.) Setting up an Account

On the next page, you’ll remain asked to provide personal information, case information, security questions, notification methods, and a user acceptance agreement. Be sure to fill out all starred/mandatory categories.

You will need all the information before creating your My Access Florida Account. If you have any issues that prevent you from continuing, you may call the Customer Call Center at 866-762-2237 during business hours for assistance. Once you’ve completed all the information, click Next to submit your registration. www-myflorida-com-accessflorida

My Access Florida Account

Congrats! You’ve now completed your registration for your My Access Florida Account. You can also get information about your application or benefits using the Florida automated response system at 1-866-762-2237. Your ACCESS case number or Social Security Number and date of birth are required to get your case information.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns regarding your My Access Florida Account, please leave feedback in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!

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